Tri It For Life - Mentor Requirements

Tri It For Life expects each mentor to fulfill the following requirements:

 Commit to a minimum of 12 training events in a session.
          This includes swim assessments, swim training, bike training, run training, transition clinic, and the Mock Triathlon.


 Attend the Mock Triathlon. It’s our signature event!


 Receive Mentor Immersion training for swim, bike, run, and all the little tips Tri It For Life has learned over the years to help athletes.


 Attend as many fun social events (Athlete Kickoff, Fit Fest, and Celebration Dinner) as they can.


 Volunteer at the Ramblin’ Rose race for their session (unless they are racing, of course!).



You Can Mentor!

Tri It For Life is a volunteer organization. We need mentors to help guide our first-time athletes through their first swims, bikes, and runs and keep them motivated through 12 weeks of training when they might be tempted to quit or question why they decided to do this in the first place.

Mentors are the cheerleaders that keep new athletes moving. They are the hugs and high fives at the finish line. If you can say the words, "Yes, you CAN do this!," then you are a mentor.


Tri It For Life Mentors

  • Are women who have completed a triathlon, believe in the Tri It For Life mission, and want to help other women.
  • Are women that believe in moving and moving forward. They are every level of ability as a swimmer, a biker, and a runner.
  • Are women interested in friendship, fitness, balance, and helping empower other women through encouragement.