Tri It For Life - Training


Tri It For Life helps new athletes train for their first triathlon using a 12 week training program. During those twelve weeks, we help you slowly build your endurance in swimming, biking, and running.



Tri It For Life mentors will evaluate your swim ability during our Swim Assessments. We watch you swim and determine if you are a Bubble Blower, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced swimmer. Bubble Blowers are women that have a strong fear of the water, have a hard time putting their face in the water, cannot float, and/or move forward in the water.

Our Bubble Blowers will have an extra couple of weeks to learn the basics of swimming before our 12 week program starts. The 12 week program for swimming includes how to breath, stroke, kicking, and endurance. Freestyle is the most common and efficient form but mentors will help you with whatever stroke gets you through the swim.

Swim days and times are determined by our Pool Venues availability.


Bike training typically starts out in a parking lot or business park. We will have a similar assessment for biking with beginners, intermediates, and advanced bikers. There are no extra weeks of training for biking.

The 12 week program for biking includes safety, how to use gears, and endurance. You MUST wear a helmet at all bike rides. No helmet means no ride. Bike training is once during the week in the evening and depending on the Chapter, once on the weekend.

We will also have clinics that help you learn the mechanics of your bike and how to change a flat tire.




Run training can be done in any location but we typically look for parks or greenways. Run training is very individual.

Our 12 week program includes information on form, breathing, and endurance. The “run” can be running, walking, or both.


Stretching and Strength Training

We include warm-ups and cool-downs as part of our training. Triathlon training focuses a lot on cardio but strength training is just as important. We like to include a yoga or boot camp training class when possible but we are not always able to offer it depending on sponsors.

We will provide suggestions for stretches and strength training exercises that you can do on your own or with your new athlete and mentor friends.