Tri It For Life Triathlon Training for Women - Charlotte, NC

Tri It For Life Charlotte trains for the Ramblin’ Rose Charlotte race in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our 12-week training program for Charlotte typically begins in February with a Kick Off celebration. We give you A LOT of valuable information at this gathering along with a goody bag. Mentors will be there to answer all your questions and you will get to meet your new athlete friends that will be doing the training and race with you.

Training locations are in the general areas of Ballantyne, South Park, and Center City. Specific locations vary each year as we plan the 12-week training program and depend on sponsors and venues that allow us to use their facilities.


A typical weekly schedule for Charlotte training might look like this:

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Swim Off Run or Bike Bike Swim Off Brick
(Bike & Run)


Weekend training will be early morning or mid-morning depending on our venues. Training during the week is usually in the evenings after work but the schedule may also include an early morning opportunity to train.